Bonby village hall detail

 Bonby Village Hall

Main Street, Bonby

DN20 0PW

Registered charity number 521900


Bonby Village Hall is a registered charity; run by a management Committee, which consists of representatives from the organisations using the hall. They are unpaid and all give their time and energy to maintain and improve the hall, for the benefit of the local community. Revenue for upkeep is raised through hire fees for the hall. It costs £9.00 per hour to rent the hall, which includes all of the facilities. If you wish to hire the hall for more than 10 sessions a year then there can be negotiation on the rental charge.
The committee employ a cleaner on a weekly basis, but those who hire the hall are expected to tidy up after themselves. The hall is well used on a daily basis, but there are opportunities available to hire it as well.
If you would like to hire the hall please contact Mrs. Owen on 01652 618524 for further details.